Review and Commentary: Pope’s Last Crusade


‘The Pope’s Last Crusade’ and Its Meaning – to Catholics, to Jews, to Moralists, to a Brooklyn Boy Educated by the Jesuits

This is off the cuff, but I just tonight finished The Pope’s Last Crusade and would like to do it better justice someday; but my first thought was to at least throw something up on the blog.

I do recommend the book to anyone who went to a Jesuit school, or to any Catholic, or any Jew, or anyone concerned about the breadth of racism and about inner moral conflicts.

I’m from a West Indian Episcopal/Catholic family, but I went to a Jesuit High School in the early-mid 1960s during the very time that John LaFarge was coming to grips with his lost opportunity in the run-up to World War II, when he failed to deliver to Pope Pius XI the encyclical that would have criticized Nazi racism and maybe changed the course of world history, had the criticism effectively stolen Hitler’s thunder. [read more]

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